A unique Asset Integrity Management concept

Asset Integrity Management has become an integral part of corporate goals, visions and strategies for the development of offshore capabilities. Solutions based on efficient Asset Integrity Management Systems as a global strategy and value creation can enhance the reliability of offshore structures and its systems. Offshore organizations have also realized the importance of reliability and integrated systems based on these principles in formulating corporate strategies.

AIMS-MFloat® is software based AIMS being developed by CSIMS which serves as a strong and reliable platform for the efficient and cost effective management of Assets. This system enables Asset Owners to control all their Assets on a single platform and retrieve any complex analysis results within a short time, with just a few clicks.

CSIMS has incorporated a special module in AIMS-MFloat® for calculating the optimum loading condition for each voyage with least fuel oil consumption. This will help Asset owners to save tonnes of fuel oil for each voyage, depending on the duration of the voyage. Considering the fact that the bunkering cost constitutes a significant portion of operation’s cost of any Asset, this module is a great step ahead for optimizing the operational cost and making the Assets environmental friendly.

The Stability and longitudinal strength module, which is another important feature of the AIMS- MFloat®, calculates the stability and longitudinal strength for any given loading condition. This will eliminate the requirement of having another independent loading programme on-board and thus making the operations simple.

AIMS- MFloat® can accurately perform various analyses such as remaining life prediction, fatigue analysis or in-place analyses —quickly. The system helps in targeting and prioritizing inspection as well as preparing repair plans that focuses on high risk components.

AIMS- MFloat® can incorporate elements of technology and invocations that can finally be developed into a holistic solution for the entire life cycle, using the simulation space. In general this unique system will not only allow us to capture and represent information as we move along the life of the structure, but also allow us to simulate various actions to the structure that would be prohibitively costly in the physical space.